Resolutions Schmesolutions

Where Do I Start?













It’s time to do the New Year’s reset to the wholly invented and arbitrary calendar. Just one more thing to blame on the friggin Catholic church. Who cares if Easter (a conscripted Pagan holiday) experiences seasonal drift? April was an utterly beautiful month to begin anew.



This is the kind of New Year’s reset I’m into. Doesn’t this bring a smile to your face?









I’m fond of May 1st as a great day one.


Who can’t get behind flowers and ribbons and sunshine for fuck sake? Spring cleaning is so much easier to do with the windows open and the birds singing. Yes, I’d happily take happy animal helpers on as cleaning buddies.


But noooo, those pushy assholes in Rome had to mess with a good thing. April Fool’s Day arose as a holiday when folks showed up to celebrate the beginning of the year in April rather than January. News traveled slowly in those days.


Nothing to complain about this week. Weather, I mean.









I have to dig deep to find the motivation to tear down the tree. It involves dusting and vacuuming. Ugh. Sure, it’s superstitious good luck to clean for the first of the year.  Hence the Spring Cleaning mojo. It’s cold outside. Well, not this week. You know, climate change. (Fake News)

We’ve experienced such a mild winter I’ve barely been able to justify the change to winter bedclothes.


Let’s not forget the last two wonky weeks. Holiday. Not holiday. Holiday. Not holiday. It doesn’t help The Beard is home throwing my schedule off right and left.


The piles on my desk have grown. The stacks on the floor have gathered dust and dog hair. Someone turned off my ceiling fan. OMG, do you know what collects on the ceiling fans? Why? I didn’t need to see it!


Never mind the third Esau book is a year past publication deadline or that edits on The Yoga Book are slowly taking shape or the new project I’m workshopping with a new collaborative partner is starting to niggle my trying to sleep brain.


It’s not a writer’s block problem, it’s an overload problem. So many things to do, it’s vapor locking my processing core. Who am I kidding? Slaying dust bunnies is a round the year problem.


Anyone out there with a cleaning fetish?