Woo Howdy: Shit’s Gone Down

So, we’ve had a global pandemic. We were in quarantine, now we’re sort of in quarantine. We’re in economic freefall and workers in infrastructure: grocery employees, field workers, Amazon warehouse employees, and teachers while being paid a pittance are considered critical.

We’re in the middle of a referendum on the value of true democracy, social reform, and oh yeah, a basic understanding of REALITY. I’ve personally had the COVID and am still recovering. Our daughter and SIL, who work in the entertainment industry, moved home and we’re putting our house on the market this weekend.


Sorry for the information dump, but I thought I ought to catch you up. All of that aside, we’ve also completed recording The Esau Emergence audiobook as well as The F*cking Yoga Book: Yoga for The Rest of Us. A nonfiction yoga book for those of you who HATE yoga. (available in November!)

I’m building an online yoga brand because the place where I teach yoga doesn’t require masks during fitness classes and I already peaked through the veil. I don’t need a closer look. Yes, I believe in washing my hands and wearing a mask.