Backward Engineering Writing Books to Break Through Writer’s Block

With all the graduation prep and yard work (the snow finally melted) I’m struggling to find writing time. When I do find it, I’m drawing up blanks. My brain is cooking during times when it’s impractical to write. Driving….great scenes and ideas. Working out….plot movement and new dialogue. Sleeping….new story ideas, movement in the sequel and Aha moments. Writing books is one of my favorite activities, when I am actually writing.

Of course, The Beard bought me a digital recorder for Xmas. It rests by my bedside unused for the most part because I need my hands to operate it. In the meantime, my book remains dormant, just ten chapters from finished draft. It’s infuriating. Not that I’m making progress on anything else. Laundry is my own personal Hell and I clean the kitchen two or three times a day. Weeds still keep popping up. Oh, and there’s another two tons of rock to bring in.

I’m going to try a new strategy. The last chapter of this book was the first one I wrote. I know where the story is going, so new idea….I’m going to write the story from the end to where I’m at in chapter 19. I figure it might free up my block and help me move past the blank spot I’ve hit in the story. I’m committing to two hours of writing per day starting tomorrow.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I have some branches and grass to load up for the yard recycle. I need to push some teenager laundry through so I can get to grown up laundry and I think the kitchen needs some work.