Blog? What Blog?

hello down thereI’m behind on this week’s blog posts. There is an entire scheme when you’re a writer. It’s called Building A Platform. If you’ve attended any kind of a writing conference, you’ve heard this phrase. I see a lot of writers bristle at the notion. Facebook? Twitter? Blogging? I’m a writer!

Yes, I’m an author, but I’m an author selling my own product. Me. I’m the product. Even best-selling authors develop and maintain platforms. Granted, they probably have an assistant doing some of it, but they nurture their audience. It’s part of the Interweb and a growing network of information sharing. I don’t typically have a problem with this aspect of my job as Writer.

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t usually come up short with something to say. Part of being a teacher is being an entertainer, I can tap dance, juggle and sing a tune, metaphorically speaking. Some days, like today, I’ve nothing. Blame it on the subzero temperatures, I am. My inspiration is hiding under a blanket. I don’t have that luxury.

It’s a tough gig to write something pithy, related to writing that reveals something of my character without divulging too much personal information or anything particularly embarrassing for the teenagers. Okay, the last one is a low priority, but the rest becomes the high wire act. Oh, and I must continue to write books. Add the glaring fact not many folks read my blog.

My numbers are growing slowly. I do see more hits on my Facebook page every week. (Thanks, Dotter!) Some of you are reading the blog, I even had some comments last week. Whoo Hoo! Remember, I work in a vacuum. The only feedback I see is the slowly ticking up of book sales, the reviews and comments from you.  Outside of that, I send my words out into the Interweb ether without any idea of where they’ll land.

Do a lonely author a favor? Post a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Shoot me a post on Facebook or share my page with someone you know. I’ll feel better knowing I’m not shouting into the void with only my echo for company.