The Business of Writing: Sweating the Small Stuff

What do you do all day? That’s a question that always rears its head in conversation when I announce what I do for my profession. I don’t say living because I’m not earning my keep YET. I’ve discussed the demands of a household with two teenagers, a husband and five animals….those are definitely drains on my time. There’s a lot more to being an author, being a published author, than most non-writers think about.

I’m my own marketing agent. I put myself out there to libraries, book clubs, and other groups who might find my book, my career or me interesting. So far….two speaking gigs, zero book clubs and a current email relationship with two different library systems. Mind you, none of that would be a paying gig. Those are opportunities to endear myself and my book to new audiences. There are mixed reviews about book signings, though every single person I come across asks me when I’m scheduling a signing. I follow a paleo blog called Nom Nom Paleo. Her blog is funny. She works full time. She has two boys and still manages photos, links and great recipes. She’s a gem. I look forward to the day my poop is in a big enough group that I’m as good as she is.

She’s just finished a cookbook signing tour. Cookbooks are great. They offer tangible reference and long lasting value. I bought the Kindle version, but will end up buying the hard copy because the Kindle version has no table of contents….that’s my one gripe. Her book signings have been a great success….she has a following. People love the cookbook.

My book signing tour was a blast….seriously, but it was more road trip and less signing. Printing glitches meant no books. Independent bookstores are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I’m scheming as I write. I’ll get there.

The other things that need more time sit in piles. Bookkeeping. Just received our tax preparation packet, sigh. Story Cartel. A way to get my book in front of reviewers. More marketing, more schmoozing and hopefully more readers. I’m feeling my shoulders sag just typing up the list.

I haven’t even added writing the second Esau Book. Finish the murder mystery. Edit several short stories and submitting writing to contests.

I hope I’m not sounding whiny. I love my job. I think every day, “Wow, I’m happy I’m a writer.” I’ve moved past the ownership dilemma. I want to crow from the rooftop and tell everyone about my writing. Now I need to embrace the small stuff too.