Good Morning Vietna……Oh, Wait..Good morning Novel: Go Writing!

I’ve been struggling with life and writing. The idea that we (I mean the feminine We here) have to do it all to be self fulfilled is a scam. I spent twenty-two years working full or more than full time while raising children and husband. Side note: I LOVE the Beard and even like him most days. That said, when I was a single mother, folks always asked me, “How do you DO IT ALL?” My response, “Infinitely easier without the ex around.” Of course, I wasn’t doing it all. I was doing some, but that was okay because it was all me.

Quitting teaching this year was supposed to buy me more consistent writing time. If you’ve been keeping up with me, you’ll know that hasn’t turned out as planned. Teenagers are a lot of work! The Beard has taken one of my chores off of my plate….he’s driving son two to school in the mornings. It opens up a big chunk of time. Look where I’m at right now! Writing!

My cousin Maria is going back to work today after having a luscious little bundle, June Simone. She’s feeling what all parents feel on those first days back. She asked for advice. Mine was, “Remember that we don’t have to do it all brilliantly.” Maria is an art registrar….she’s good at it. I know this not because I know particularly what an art registrar does, but because she’s done it all over the world and now works at a brand new museum. Folks must respect her and her work.

Bottom line, June Simone, won’t miss her. She’s loved and cared for while Maria works. Later, when June is older….that’s when being around becomes a big deal. If Maria’s passion is art and that fulfills her…..go for it because both art and motherhood can be done. So what if the house is a bit messy or the dishes are in the sink?

The balance is key. Finding the right space to say, “Hey, this is my time.” There’s no sin involved, even though we’re told it is. I’ve on a roll this week. Writing yesterday, writing this morning, two new story ideas and work on Convergence. I will make the bed. That’s my pet peeve. I will go running. That’s my time too. The laundry might not be finished. That’s okay. For now, the house is quiet…all of the boys are gone. I’m alone with the writing staff, and my coffee is made. Here we go!