Grammar Nazism vs Creative Writing

As a retired English teacher, I’ve spend a good deal of time trying to get 6th graders to recognize the parts of speech….grammar? Hate it! I bow down to Street of Dreams for being a technical writer and loving grammar! My writing partner, paging Dr. Luce, LOVES grammar too. Me? My goal was to teach it in the slickest, easiest way because those Grammar for the English Teacher classes killed me. The only C’s I EVER earned. The history of language is fascinating. The evolution of language is fascinating. I love that part. Diagramming sentences? Right up there with Brussel Sprouts….wait, I love Brussel Sprouts now. Right up there with spinach….damn, love that too. Jesus, being a grown up with foodie sensibilities really ruins my food metaphors….liver. Do I like liver? Nope, Diagramming sentences for me ranks with liver. YUCK! Kudos to those folks who love grammar. I used Lewis Carroll’s Jabborwock to teach grammar. It blew kids’ minds and kept me entertained.

Grammar Nazism vs Creative Writing.