Interesting Thought for the Morning…..thanks Dotter

My daughter is a Tumblr person. I haven’t mastered the art of Tumblr yet. I love it because it’s very visual and I appreciate that aesthetic. As a writer, I think I’m a very visual person. Really, I’m barely in control of the Facebook (could they quit changing the interface please!), Twitter and Word Press. Don’t get me started on Word Press….adding Tumblr feels a little like that last straw. Every so often my daughter, Lillie aka Dotter, finds something particularly resonant. I try to reblog, repost or just link to it and phzzzt. I think that should be a technical term. Phhzzzzt. Nothing, Nada. Rien. I think I’ve worked a clunky duct tape option today. Benedict Smith managed to almost exactly sum up my daily conundrum in his poem  I Wish I Wrote the Way I Thought….except that I’m usually trying to write myself OUT of a nervous breakdown. I think it’s safe to say writers can dig this. Enjoy!