Joyful Moments In A Writer’s Day…..Hey Beard, Don’t Read This Post

I’ve been ill. If you follow my author page on facebook, you’ve heard a bit about my unending cold. Sinus infection, ear infection and now the mother of all sore throats. I blamed the Beard for bringing home new germs from his office. Fed up, I went to the doc again today….I haven’t seen my regular doc for a while. After she discovered my sinus infection isn’t gone, she said, “You haven’t been working all this while sick, have you?”

I informed her that I’d retired from teaching to write full time and my book, The Esau Emergence, was published and available. She enthused and exclaimed her excitement and encouragement. Have I always been a writer? Yes. Was I happy? YES. It might not mean much, but she was proud to have an author as a patient. I grinned from ear to ear. My pleasure at my chosen career reignited, again.

It was a fun moment. I went to my favorite sushi joint…completely empty at 4 o’ clock….ordered a small roll and a hot sake. I bust through my recent lull and found my stride. I hummed along and watched the snow fall.

I love telling folks what I do. I love to tell people about my book and I can’t wait to get the sequel finished, polished and published.

Life still throws me curveballs. I get down like everyone else. I wouldn’t turn my back on a long, hot bath and a good glass of scotch. My current preference is Urdhu 12 year single malt….yum. Anyhoo, I might be sick, I might have some domestic chaos and that doesn’t include the three dogs and two cats, but I love my job!