Life Interfering the Writing: No Imitation Here

With middle son graduating (at press time) at the end of the month, my daily routine has veered off of course. I’m up and around which means I’ve been battling the yard, trying to clean my own house and balance this precarious writing career I started. Even on good writing days, it’s a push and pull between dealing with MY life and getting my characters to life.

This life milestone thing is really putting a crimp in my writing time. I’ve worked and reworked scenes in my head while moving a half ton of rock, yet when I go to write something interrupts. Oh and the family likes to eat I’m told. I know every writing book says SET ASIDE TIME EVERY DAY TO WRITE. It’s not that simple.

My attention is divided by multiples of three and those shards aren’t being united any time soon. Has anyone else seen The Dark Crystal….I don’t want to end up a Skeksis! Oh where is the Zen like balance of the Mystics when you need it? Okay, random movie reference over.

I accept that I made a big productive push on The Esau Convergence last week. I accept that I do have a prioritized plan for the next three projects. Now I’m working on accepting that finding time to write might be a balancing act, but it’s one that’s well worth a tumble now and then. In the meantime, I’ll be moving another five tons of rock, planting a few things and slow BBQing a couple of pork butts.