Writers Ponder this Daily: Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Navigating the publishing route is filled with rip tides, typhoons and dangerous beasts. Here There Be Dragons…..uh, no kidding. Hunting for four years to find a collaborative editor finally yielded a person I believe will offer constructive feedback. Yes, I have my bad writing habits.

Book cover design (a magnificent experience because of my amazing cousin) takes longer than you’d think. Printing turn around, whew. Book talks, book give aways, a book tour and shamelessly plugging my writing everywhere I go are just some of the tasks that surround writing a book for public enjoyment.

I haven’t even mentioned book keeping, time management and platform management. Advertising! Yikes! One of my tweeters and fellow writers shared this blog and it’s worth the time to pass along.

Answer The PR Question