Writing Interruptions…..

Teenage boys. A teenage boy interrupted my writing twice today. Once for a haircut and once for donuts. Oh, the donuts. My writing was interrupted by donuts today. Sleep deprivation. My writing was interrupted by three days of poor sleep. A holiday letter. Planning in my woozy, sugar bombed, sleep deprived brain, the holiday letter has interrupted my writing. I have an action scene to write and the teenage boy was zero help. I have a tension scene to write and my addlepated brain is no help.

I need a nap, but three dogs, two cats and two teenage boys have found all manner of things to NEED from me right this minute. I’ve done laundry. I’ve made phone calls. I’ve taught yoga. I have not made any serious progress on my two scenes. I think my brain heard it’s Nanowrimo and decided to go on strike. A sinus infection, the plague and a hubby with the plague snoring like a buzz saw have all contributed to my lack of writing mojo.

I’ll get the scenes down, even without the boy’s help. I might have to watch a couple of action films to get a feel for the pacing. It might have to happen tomorrow….I think I’m going to down a couple of slices of pizza, take a nap and then go teach yoga. I know, I know….I should leave out the pizza and just do the nap and yoga. Meh.