Balancing Act: The Three Ring Circus of a Writer’s Schedule

A recent exchange with one of my readers brought up the challenges of the full time writer, aside from no consistent, secure income. I’ve read the advice of other author’s….a set amount of time every day. I set that goal. It’s even blocked out on my calendar. The trouble for me is that the siren song of other things disrupts any regular schedule I may construct.

6 Strategies To Make Your Writing Time Sacred

The whimsical call of the washer woos me from the laundry room. The entrancing demands of coffee, breakfast or help in the kitchen break into my morning plans. The squish and squash of muddy paws fresh from the carnage of a new hole in the yard draws me from my desk. It’s complicated.

There’s also the time I spend on social media and marketing. I do set the timer on for that time spent. I have to research my material from Biometric Identification Software to the science behind cloning….oops, did I say cloning? The job of a writer is a complex thing. I would have to say being a mother and a wife makes it more of a challenge….discussion?

I sometimes take my laptop out into the world to eliminate the domestic thrall that can consume me. I like to write in my space. Oh, the space I share with the hubby. I do find the space to ignore the piles and stacks. Would I love my own personal writing space? To quote Takei, Oh my! I even have some ideas….

I can deal with all of that and the snoring of my writing staff. It’ll work out. After all, I’ve 10 chapters done on the sequel to The Esau Emergence. I’m a writer. It’s what I do and no matter how distracting my environment is….I’m a writer. I love my job!