The New Author’s Dilemma: I’d LIke To Be Earning An Income So I’m Giving My Book Away?

I thought publishing my novel was scary. Putting my work out there for anyone to read….whew, inspired nail biting anxiety. No matter how many people tell me they love the book, they couldn’t stop reading and demand to know when the next one is out, I still find my fingers refusing to let go of the book I’m handing to someone. I hand that book over and have to demand that my hands release it. A part of me would love for everyone to fall in love with my book the way I love it. The Blerch in me annoys with a long list of doubts and what if’s. Damn that Blerch, it’s a pesky creature. 

Why You Should Give Your Book Away

Anyone who’s written a book, or anything for that matter, knows the investment placed on the final product. I like to remind myself of Natalie Goldberg’s advice in Writing Down The Bones.  She says, “Don’t identify too strongly with your work. Stay fluid behind those black and white words. They are not you. They were a great moment going through you. A moment you were awake enough to write down and capture.” Folks will either enjoy my book or not. It’s their moment with the work, not mine. A reader’s rejection of my work isn’t a condemnation of my writing. That’s True. My truth is that my power is in the act of writing. Thanks Natalie Goldberg for reminding me of that every time I need it. My dog eared, sticky noted copy of Writing Down The Bones sits next to me everyday.

Giving away the book is a twofold exercise. It’s a reminder that my moment is passing to another and it gets my book in front of readers that, hint hint, will take the time to leave me a review that will help other readers find my work!

I’m a writer. I’m a brave writer. I’m a brave writer that would love for you to read my book. Go ahead…..I can take it.