Fueling The Writing Fire: Why I Keep Writing Books

IMG_1923The Beard, in addition to growling commands, is also keen on inspiring me to continue on the writing path. Truth be told, I’ve been relaying the Signs to him this week. We all have our moments of doubt. He rolls his eyes in appropriate cynical fashion, but I take heart. I’m a little over half way through writing the draft for The Esau Convergence….the sequel to The Esau Emergence. I’ll have copies  of the first half ready for Beta readers soon.

In the spirit of believing in the intelligent reader and the expanding market, I recommend a post The Beard sent to me by Damien G. Walter. Damien writes and comments about most things SciFi and in this article The Indie Sci Fi Revolution, he discusses the interesting statistics of an ever growing collection of novels and freshman authors.

Writing a book in this climate might feel a bit daunting. This book started out a bit sluggish for me, but right now the writing is humming along. In fact, the pacing is flying along at a clip that has me worried about length. This book is going to be three to four chapters shorter than the first. I’m trying not to over think that fact.

After attending a writing conference in March, I was feeling buoyed the number of outlets available to writers. There’s also a bit of dismay by the number of folks writing books. It can be a mind game with no winners.  Personally, I’m looking on the bright side. I have, after all, been reading the Signs.