How’s The Book Going?

Invariably someone, who knows I’m working on a new book, asks the dreaded question. How is the book coming? I liken this to watching reality TV. It’s not that I dislike discussing my writing. I could discuss writing and my writing in particular all day. This question isn’t out of line. People are sincerely showing an interest, unless you’re my mother. I believe it to be the bane of every author’s existence.

I wrote the first Esau novel under the radar. On summer break from teaching, I locked myself away to FINISH THE BOOK. Devoting two hours a day and all day Sundays to completing the first book, I abandoned my children (according to them). The book reached completion and I entered it into the ABNA contest without anyone but The Beard and the kids knowing I’d written it.

Most days, the writing process is a slog uphill in the pouring rain with a 25 pound pack. Not because the writing is hard, because there’s always something or someone popping up with distractions. Even on the days the words kick and scream the whole way to the page, I love writing. Wouldn’t change a thing about the choice The Beard and I have made. Insert Julie Andrews twirling on the hilltop here. And then someone asks the dreaded question. hills are alive

I spiral into a self-doubt loop. My word count is low. I need to get to this point in the plot, how do I do it? Is this credible? Should they? Shouldn’t they? Shush, you’re not in this book. No, I said I need to work on the Esau sequel. Tweet what? Blog what days? This plot is moving too fast. What’s my word count? Oh shite, I don’t have enough chapters. Crap, I’m not finishing fast enough.

Of course, I don’t speak those sentiments out loud. I smile and say, “It’s great. I’ve finished 15…17…20 chapters.” I return to the 1370 words in chapter 19 (chapter 20 came first, don’t ask) and struggle to get the characters from here to there. I know exactly where they need to be. I wrote the last chapter first. The way things are moving, I may have to change the last chapter, but I can’t think about that right now.

Here’s an analogy for you. Have you read the book yet?=How’s the new book going? Ha!


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