I’m Always Working


A Little Light Reading for the yoga project.

I’m a writer. That’s not new information for anyone who has been here before. I’m always working and the thing is it’s hella work.


Writing Is A Job, A Talent, But It’s Also The Place to Go in Your Head. It Is The Imaginary Friend You Drink Tea with in The Afternoon. -Ann Patchett



I’m also a yoga teacher and fitness instructor. Doubling my schedule and picking up a fitness class and a cycle class seemed like a good idea at the time.

It is a good idea. I built my schedule, so I teach early in the a.m. and later in the evening. I left the good chunk of my day open to tackle writing. And I do. Tackle a lot of writing. I have reached the halfway point in the third book of The Esau Continuum. I was cruising along and feeling writerly.

I also manage a part-time gig with Northern Colorado Writers working social media and marketing.

Somewhere along the line, I started into the non-fiction yoga project. I spent most days with both windows open and switching between projects when I reached a sticking point in one. I was on fire.

A funny thing happened in the course of my fingers flaming over the keyboard. I got it into my head to work on the book proposal for the yoga thing. For

It’s Ruined Me for Anything Smaller . . . Cue Jokes Now.

awhile there, I had three windows working. It’s the Beard’s fault. He bought me this enormous computer screen. If I only have one window open, I feel inadequate.

So there I was working on the yoga book, working on the Esau book, and working on a book proposal. All the while, taking breaks to slay dust bunnies, empty dishwashers, and insure the Beard didn’t run out of clean underwear. God forbid, he goes commando or put a load of wash through on his own.

While writing this blog, I’ve stopped to vacuum one room at a time, break down our cardboard for recycle, empty the trash bins, and brush the dogs in between rainstorms. I’m in the middle of a spring skirmish with the dust bunnies here, shit had to get real.

I didn’t even count teaching yoga this morning.


If You Want to Be A Writer You Must Do Two Things Above All Others: Read A Lot, And Write A Lot. -Stephen King


Reading. Any writer will tell you reading books is also an investment in your skills as a writer. When I was an air traffic controller, reading was my go to

These Are Homework. Seriously.

break activity. Teaching? Forget about it. I finally decided to build silent reading time into my teaching plans. It helped kids stay caught up in whatever texts we were reading for the unit AND it meant I could squeeze in thirty minutes or so of reading for me.

I was so excited to go to the DMV yesterday to get my license updated because I was sure it would mean a good two hour block of reading. Goddamn if I didn’t pull my number from the machine to have it called at that minute. In and out of the DMV in less than fifteen minutes, what the f*ck?

That’s how pathetic I am. Complaining about a short wait at the DMV.

 The good news is I’ve developed some serious work habits. The bad news is I’ve developed some serious work habits. Now, pardon me, I have to go make the bed, vacuum the dining room, and write a chapter in the yoga book.