Learning Curve Hangover

Writing is initially an organic process. Sit, stare, think, type, type type….repeat from step one. Organic in process if you have inspiration…stories going on in your head. I’m fortunate to have several projects going. A sequel to the upcoming The Esau Emergence is percolating in my mind as I sit here.  A murder mystery that involves a new sheriff in town, a madam, a coffee house and small town politics. A SciFi trilogy…I hate to say dystopian because that’s SOOO yesterday, but it is sort of set in an alternate reality. That story is coming in bits and pieces and will require some bomb diggity editing on my part to come seamlessly together and a novel about Hell. My dilemma is what to work on when and how to fit in all of the other jobs that I have as a writer. The Esau Emergence, a science thriller about genetic engineering and stem cell research, is done, edited and awaiting cover art. Writing the book, editing the book, breathing the book has been a task unto itself, now I have to sell the book. I’m following the recommended steps….building a platform. Finding a Facebook audience, building an audience through a successful and engaging blog and hook readers into your work. Feel me working the crowd? That’s you folks, don’t you know? Don’t be a used car salesman, don’t be artificial, do be witty, charming and by all means SELL yourself….I’m feeling a little whiplashed. Finding something to say is generally not my problem….peanut gallery need not comment. Am I witty? I can be. Am I charming? I certainly think so. Am I a terrific writer? Oh yeah. Am I mastering Word Press and Facebook? Eh, I’m working on it? My publishing agent and hubby says not to stress over the tech. He’s a tech genius and while I’ve been told I’m prone to hyberbole….that’s not an overestimation of his skills. Truth is I hate to feel dependent on anyone. Now that I’ve quit my daytime gig as a school teacher, I don’t want to burden the current breadwinner. I’ll be able to contribute soon….the book is great, did I mention that? (See I can sell myself!) That means wrestling with the technology. Word press….not intuitive. In fact, pretty darn foggy. Learning curves are slippery. New smart phone smarter than you? New blue ray? New TV? You know what I’m talking about! I’d rather be banging out a new chapter than trying to figure out where to put my links, how to summarize my posts rather than viewing the entire piece or maneuvering appearance of my website. I’m feeling a little learning curve hangover….then again, I get to connect to you. Trade off….yeah, worth it if you read and love what I’m writing, yeah. Cure? IDK….got any suggestions?