Not relevant to anything but moral…excuse me….outrage!

I’m a retired secondary English teacher….I’ve taught 6th through 12th grades in a wide variety of environments, to a wide range of students. Anyone teaching literacy, particularly to adults, is to be praised on high. Literate societies are thinking societies, so clearly the United States Government opposes broad literacy? This just outrages me. As an educator, as a citizen and as a writer! I want people to be able to read my books, damn it! In addition, morality is a rare commodity in this country. My experience is that there can be a broad chasm between religion and morality, hello? Priest pedophiles anyone? This woman, doing good work in good conscience morally objects to violence for any cause….it has to be endorsed by God? Oh boy….whose version? Primal scream time for the death of COMMON SENSE and HUMANE VALUES! This didn’t fit with my kick back and relax for the first time all day mood…..