Momentary Euphoria…..

I wasn’t scheduled to post today. Yes, I’m on a schedule. This working for yourself gig is tough. The boss is a bitch half of the time, a circus performer a quarter of the time which includes writing, a handyman (no PC gender assignments here, I’m not Janeway) an eighth of the time and a person the rest of the time. Note I didn’t include salesman, accountant, parent, cook, housecleaning, blah blah blah….oh yeah, I teach yoga too. Okay, my schedule is in flux, but I”ll get a handle on it soon. I love this blog by Kimberly and Kelly because one of them is a librarian and I respect all librarians because they were some of my only childhood friends, wah. The other reason I love this blog is because I was, until recently, a secondary English teacher and it’s useful to get the skinny on up and coming titles. Also, how can you not love the pithy subtitle……librarians. reviews. mayhem. I love me some mayhem! Kelly just handed a draft of her book to her editors. That’s an accomplishment in and of itself. Her recent post describes perfectly my own feelings about  being on the precipice of having my first novel published.

it resonated with me because now I’m starting all over with not one, but three new novels. Looking back at all of those jobs that I’m juggling currently (I mentioned circus performer) I still have to write. Writers out there know that keeping to a schedule can be tough. Sometimes your characters go on strike. Even as I sit here thinking about the enormous task of setting ideas to metaphoric paper, I’m giddy. I LOVE this! I love the uncertainty and the certainty….it happens all at once. This is what I’m meant to do. Never mind that zero G terror that accompanies every public reading or test release or submission to an editor. I love this. I think Kelly describes this euphoria in her post well. Write on!

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