Rediscovering Me At Readcon

readconI spent Saturday teaching two workshops and mingling with authors and readers alike at the Greeley Readcon Books and Brews. Funny enough, spooling up before the event, I suffered some butterflies at sharing the same docket as Todd Mitchell. If you don’t know, Todd Mitchell is a Fort Collins author of adolescent literature published by Scholastic. I’ve spent my seat time in workshop classes at conferences, sometimes I think ‘I could teach this’; sometimes I find a nugget of treasure. Planning my workshops filled me with nerves. Silly really, I taught 6th and 7th graders for eight years. Before that, high schoolers of all ages. I’m a rockstar teacher. I forgot that fact.

Stepping in front of a group of adults interested in my spiel was cake and pie. How did I forget I’m a teacher? Shrug, too much time with the Writing Staff. It’s all good. I had a great time and I think folks walked away with a nugget or two. Books and Brews could’ve been a boom or a bust. I think books and beer are a great idea, I didn’t know if the rest of Greeley would agree. Turns out, beer and books are a pretty good combination.

I sold a few books, but more importantly I spent a lot of face time with readers and other authors. I know I’ve let it slip mixing and mingling aren’t my cup of joe. In any case, I had a great time. It was the first time I’d really verbalized my process. Oh, I spoke to the Fort Collins Rotary a few days after my surgery last February, but I’d love a do-over. Between the medication and the crutches, I didn’t do a very good job. I think I’ll email them an apology after this post. Explaining to people what the book is about, how I got there and who helped me exhilarated.BNReadcon

Also, I’m a strong public speaker. Believe me, you don’t teach pre-teens and teenagers without some entertaining skills or they eat you alive. I have all of my pieces and parts. I’ve discovered something new about my writing. I love discussing it as much as I love working at it. After running two workshops, I remembered I also love teaching it. I’m not hitting a classroom anytime soon, but I can’t wait to head another workshop.