No Regrets Working On No Doubts

I’ve wanted to write since I was young. My intention is even immortalized in one of those silly “senior” wills….to be a best selling novelist. It never occurred to me to pursue writing at university. I drifted from one thing to another and life became something different, as it frequently does. I’ve a wonderful friend, Elizabeth Wong whom I’ve never met in person, introduced through my wonderful cousin, Christina Aimerito Feinberg. I see Elizabeth’s adventurous writing career, her passion for just about everything, and I think “I’m so damn glad that I’m not afraid anymore.” I don’t live in LA, though I’d sorely love to for a wide variety of reasons, but I smile every time I see one of her interesting posts.

I may spend my mornings cleaning the kitchen. Other days I move tons of rocks and mulch. Or I spend an hour or two at the computer writing. I can close my eyes to access five different conversations. I feel doubts. Who doesn’t? I’ve traveled the long way round, but I’ve arrived. Writing is a joy. Writing is work and some days it’s just painful. Writing is me. So now, according to The Beard, it’s time to eliminate self-doubt. NOW. I snort… it works that way.

I have a new story born of a dream about hurricanes…..yeah, I know. A retired priest, a transgendered madam and an Irish mob boss. Complicated….yeah, I know. Let the games begin.