Trying To Write Here!


Remember What the Yodeling Did To the Martians?
Remember What the Yodeling Did To the Martians?

I’m grinding my teeth. My Apache blood rage boils. I’m working remotely today at a write-in with my writing guild. People drive me crazy. One of the reasons I don’t mind working at home is the peace and serenity of three dogs and two cats. Working in public involves a peril. Loud speaking, disregard for anyone in the surrounding space trying to work. Okay, I forgot my ear buds today. I’ll give them that, but can’t you hear how thunderous your conversation is?

Hypocrisy abounds. I’m a loud talker. Chalk it up to my upbringing. Add to it a background in choir, theater and ten years of teaching. I project. The Beard complains about it, the dotter complains about it. The boys….just as loud as I am. However, when I’m silent, I’m silent. Sure, I talk to the Writing Staff while I write. Yes, I talk to myself while I write. At home. That’s one of the reasons sharing an office space with The Beard is a bad idea.

I’m working on my public inside voice, but I don’t talk in movie theaters or doctor’s offices. I certainly don’t talk at high volume in coffee shops while people are trying to work. 4:30 a.m. is a terrible time to get up. I used to do it regularly, but I’m out of the habit. This morning’s torture was necessary because I needed to meet with some colleagues at the write-in. 4:30 meant I could hit the 5 a.m spin class.spin

Granted, my crankiness level spiked in response to waking too early and too much caffeine. Oh and Muzak, what silly coffee shop plays Muzak in this day and age of great Pandora stations? A little smoky Tom Waits? Some gravelly Leonard Cohen? Sweet, sweet Nina? Nope, muzak. Sappy, drippy piano Muzak. I’m trying to write here!


I bailed. Couldn’t take it. I value collegial work. Critique groups have their place. I miss my writing partner and generally I think the write-ins are a great idea. Next time, I’ll be sure to sleep in, take my ear buds and possibly a snack.