A Writer’s Donut Shop Blues

homer-simpson-donut-dream1The Beard and I generally eat a Paleo diet. Celiac and colon cancer run in my family. The dotter has a wheat allergy and is lactose intolerant. After a sugar/grain carb cleanse, I discovered a sensitivity to grains. I say generally Paleo because I still eat cheese and beans. I still drink alcohol and there’s no way I’m giving up coffee. There are things I miss. Tortillas, baguettes and donuts. Mmmm, donuts. Writing full time offers me a lot of flexibility for my meals. I’ve said before, my boss is very generous.

I don’t suffer much in the way of temptation. I do the shopping, naughty food is easy to avoid if it’s not in the house. Oh, the boys do complain! Particularly after a delicious batch of gluten free pancakes. Son 1 recently started working at a new, local donut shop. Oh betrayer! He frequently stumbles home from his 4:30 a.m. shifts with a box of contraband. Time to make the donuts. I’ve threatened him with heinous torture if he ever brings them home again. He listens about as well as any teenager. many_on_sheet_V 0003

Those boxes sit on the island exuding the heavenly scents of pastries. The aroma wafts through the house calling me, enticing me, taunting me. Argh!! Have I mention I love donuts? Most of the time, I can ignore the haunting aroma, but some days….well, some days I succumb. Like the day, I drove back from my mother’s house. That was a six donut depression day. I pay of course. My stomach rumbles, my head pounds and I suffer night sweats. Oh, the list of symptoms is long and miserable.

For a brief time, I’m in heaven. I tick along fueled by sugar and starch floating in the euphoria of donut haze. One minute I’m humming along and then WHAM! I’m down. You know what I’m talking about, such a short-lived pleasure.
Spending a little extra time devoted to eating clean is the same as committing to writing every day. I always feel better afterward. Why is it so hard to be good?