Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night: What Was My Story Idea?

I dream frequently. Vivid, crazy dreams. It is common for me to wake up mid dream to jot it down or frantically open my phone sticky note to type the idea so I don’t lose it. I did this Tuesday night. Great idea….crazy plot, bright characters. I remembered this today. Two days have passed. I’ve mowed the lawn. Worked on the murder mystery. Finished a chapter in the sequel to The Esau Emergence. I’ve made a dent in laundry and filled my brain with plenty of other things. I opened my sticky note to the idea I jotted. It means little to me today. I can’t even dredge up a fragment of the story from my notes. I’m sick with the loss of a good story. Do I give in to the loss of sleep and get up to write?