Writer Repetition: Recycling Words


If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you’ve noticed some repetition. Hell, it’s been blatant recycling. At this moment, I’m a writer two chapters from finishing the draft of my sequel to The Esau Emergence.

By the time you’re reading this, I hope to be well and done with the draft in the editor’s hands. I wanted to be done with the draft today, now. My plan was to have three copies printed. One for the Beard and two for Beta readers.

It’s been my quest. As with most things writing, intentions and fulfillment have landed at different places on the spectrum. Two. Chapters. Left.

I’ve had a few four thousand word days….marked by pizza delivery or a run to the Thai place. The pantry is empty. The fridge is empty. Yesterday, the day I set aside to FINISH THE BOOK, I wrote six hundred words. A measly six hundred words! It was one of those, “You sit down and write one word and then the next until it’s done.”-Neil Gaiman Yes, it’s that hard.

The weather is shifting, so not only would I love to be done with my second novel, but I need to get some yard work going! I lavished in those thousands of words days. The end of the novel approaches and I feel my brain is doing a little dance flipping me the bird. “Ha! You’d like to finish this book? This is what we think of finishing the book!”Neil gaiman quote

With all of my focus and lack of words directed at finishing the novel, my blog posts have taken a back seat. You wonderful Twitter peeps have been sharing my web page with my blog posts and also my alternate Wednesday gig through NCW. My numbers are climbing through the roof and it’s all because some of you enjoy what I have to say. My thanks! Frankly, it’s taken me by surprise.

Not that I find folks enjoying my writing a surprise, well, maybe a little, but that so many of you great people are sharing my writing with other great folks. My original plan was to post Mondays on my website and rotate some of those older posts to the Writing Bug. I thought, “Hey, they’re two different audiences.”

Boy, howdy have you all blown that plan out of the water….you’re reading both posts! It’s kind of a “Holy shite! Oh, Shite!” moment.

Yippee! I have a growing audience! Yippee, they like my writing! Oh, shite! I bet they’re thinking some of these posts sound familiar.” I don’t like to cheat anyone so with my energy devoted to finishing this damn book, I decided to cut my website blogs to alternate Mondays. On the Mondays I post to my blog, I don’t post to Wednesdays on the NCW site. That being said, I have already edited and formatted my posts for NCW through May….I apologize for any repetitions.

Understand (I hope) I’ve been spending my time writing the last two chapters of The Esau Convergence….word by frickin’ word.