Having been hooked on Scrivener by Hubby, I’ve been sadly neglectful of investigating it’s full potential. M. W. Griffith, however, has now intrigued me. Now, where to find time!

I’m in the final stages of publishing my first novel, The Esau Emergence. It’s been a steep learning curve, but worth every minute. I’ve retired from teaching middle school English to teach yoga part-time, be a stay at home mom …


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As a retired English teacher, I’ve spend a good deal of time trying to get 6th graders to recognize the parts of speech….grammar? Hate it! I bow down to Street of Dreams for being a technical writer and loving grammar! …

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My daughter is a Tumblr person. I haven’t mastered the art of Tumblr yet. I love it because it’s very visual and I appreciate that aesthetic. As a writer, I think I’m a very visual person. Really, I’m barely in …

My shift in career from school teacher/part-time writer to retired school teacher/full-time writer was championed by my hubby. There were a lot of factors. Not the least of which was the five year pay freeze and 5% pay cut the …

I’ve set you in the Stacked direction before….love librarians! This is an interesting graphic novel review that I think is worthy of passing along. Graphic novels get a bad rap among English teachers, but as one myself, I love the …

Three years ago….whew, I finished the book that is now The Esau Emergence. While I was writing, I took that big step and joined a critique group through Northern Colorado Writers. Like┬ámany writers, my work took place in a vacuum. …

This is some stunning work. I love the colors and shading. Also, dig the spectacluar back piece…..I’m having tattoo envy!

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