Finding Time to Write: Wait? It’s Xmas next week?

I was informed yesterday that Xmas was next week. How can that be? I can’t be the only one feeling the squash of the time space continuum. Keeping time is a false construct….I keep reminding myself of that fact. That doesn’t mean I magically find more time during the day. Oh, to have a magic wand or a time turner or some other device to stretch out the hours in my day.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to venture out into the melee of holiday crowds to run some errands. My hiding during the arctic weather front forced my hand. One thing I’ve observed….the holiday season doesn’t bring out the best in people. Hence my avoidance and voluntary ignorance that the season is upon us. I need to write. I want to write. I’m lining up my holiday agenda to allow me some time to focus on the page.

Sure, I’ve some hand craft to do. I will have to get to wrapping presents. My holiday letter? Meh, I can go another year without it. I did purchase UNICEF holiday cards….if they leave the house it may be a miraculous feat. I think I’ll spend that brainpower on the book. I don’t know when that time will be set aside, but I’ll get to it.

Ho ho ho!