Oh The Plots Lost in The Middle of The Night: Damn The Incoherent Babble That Are My Notes

Number 1, Nachos, Hero

Spy against spy, ultimate evil, recruitment? How’s that for specific?

Ancient puzzle, time travel?…on a ship?, past and present

Yeah, those are some of the beauties that I copied from my sticky note app or bedside notebook. Dashed down in the middle of the night as I rouse from a dream with a nugget of an idea that I think I can use. Nachos? Not kidding….I’ve had some amazing thoughts in the murky hours of slumber. It’s so frustrating to wake up with a brilliant idea only to have it in bits and pieces in the morning.

Granted, I’ve made some big moves forward in stories from nighttime fancies. Just this week, I blazed through the next two chapters of The Esau Convergence after waking with insight and plot movement. I ALMOST got out of bed at 2 in the morning to write….almost. Thankfully, it was still intact when I woke for real later in the morning. The Beard says I should verbally record my ideas….I’m not sure that will work any more effectively, but I’m willing to try it.

Here’s a doozy from last night….dog walker, mayor, mountain town and psychic bookshop owner.

It feels like the plot of season two of American Horror Story. Ay yi yi.

Next post update, things that sound functionally coherent, but really aren’t any more understandable….