Looking Back (Along with Everyone Else) at My Year in Writing

I may be jumping the gun on my timing, but it’s where I’m at this morning. First off, good Eve. Whether you celebrate the holidays in some form or not, I hope this time of year is not bogged down in crazy family, unrealistic expectations, terrible food, extra weight or crappy “that’s what you think about me” gifts. In this three ring circus, we’re going low key this year. I’m conflicted. I miss my L.A. family with their uproarious good time and exuberant love for each other. Shout out Aimeritos! Muah! Sitting here listening to the dogs wrestle near the tree (wincing with hope it doesn’t come down), I’m looking at my sliver view of the mountains shrouded in fog, covered in snow. My creek gurgles pleasantly banked in white….it’s holiday-ish.

It’s the time of year for lists. They’re everywhere you look. Best music. Worst events. Best books. Most stupid twerking incidents. I don’t have a list, per se. I do have some milestones and fervent gladness. This was the year I ended my teaching career to begin my writing career. I made the announcement to the Aimeritos at this time last year. It was terrifying to say it aloud. I believe in the power of words. It was the first time I affirmed my change of path. The book was complete. Waiting to be copy edited….oy, what a nightmare that was. Three copy editors in 8 months saying, “Oops, I’ve had your book for almost three months, but haven’t had time to get to it.” Not being a grammar fanatic/nazi….I was forced to apply my weak skills in order to get the book out on schedule. Forgive me. 70,000 words become blurry after the 20th or 30th time.

I’d like to say thanks. Thanks to my friends for supporting my choice and saying about time, rather than asking “are you crazy?” I’d like to thank those of you who’ve read the book, whether you paid for it or not, the point is you read it! I’d like to thank those of you who left reviews. I’ve thanked The Beard/DH often, but I’ll happily do it again for the myriad things he does to support this endeavor.

Each morning, I get up glad for the path I’m walking. I’ve learned along the way and know where to adjust things for the next two books. I love announcing my passion, my work and my career. I look forward to the future and the many adventures sure to crop up.

I prefer the Pagan European tradition of celebrating the passing of darkness and the welcoming of the light. So here’s to letting go of the year’s trials, obstacles and whammies. Let’s honor the blessings, the gifts and the triumphs, even the small ones. I invite you to turn to the lengthening days with renewed spirit, hope and a sense of the amazing things to come.

More books!