The Struggle of What To Work On Today…..

2013-08-13 09.46.23I’m sitting at my desk fuming about the muddy dogs and trying to devote some of my morning to writing. Writing in between laundry, book keeping, fuming over the muddy dogs (I might’ve mentioned that one already) and lighting a fire under the boys who are supposed to start school tomorrow and are prepping by sleeping all day. I’m still winding down from the Walkabout Book Tour. I’ve accomplished a few things on my list, but you know how that goes….several more pop up to replace them. I’d like to move toward my goal of one submission a day for 30 days…I reblogged that article last month. Submission Bonanza A contest came up today and I thought, “Perfect opportunity.” Of course, isn’t that how it always starts? I checked the guidelines against the pieces I have done. I revisited a couple of rough pieces. I thought about a couple of pieces that are rattling around in my brain. The end result is that there’s so much going on my brain that I’m vapor locked. I don’t know where to begin. This great article from The Write Practice, How Do You Build a Strong Character? put me in the space of revising a piece from third person to first person. I started, then it bogged down because the piece is so old and so distant from where I’m currently at, I can’t even relate to it anymore. Major revision.

Another piece is already out there for a much larger audience….thus it is disqualified from this particular publication. Now the laundry is silent, which means I feel compelled , after a two week absence, to get that moving again. Sigh. This working for yourself gig…..terrifically groovy and equally as difficult. After 10 years on a schedule as an air traffic controller and 10 years on the bell system as a teacher, I will be working on some kind of time keeper. Any good suggestions out there?

I think I might walk the dogs to clear the brain. After I rouse the boys one more time to get some chores done. Is that my phone? Oh, I’ve got to take this call. I’ve been waiting for it.