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Winding Down and Moving Along

2013-08-08 13.48.21

A wonderful visit over coffee with Tom and Peg complimented our morning. I was loathe to leave. Not in a big hurry to hit Gallup as there was no visiting destination here. The girls slept most of the way exhausted from the walk, the donkey and the ducks. I could totally live on a boat….swimming everyday, coffee on the deck and the stars. The drive was uneventful, but what I’ve noticed is that the southwest has the most unique geography. It’s interesting and full of character. Something else I realized, the last 12 days I haven’t seen weather. I’ve been in weather, but Oregon and California the sky is nondescript. The weather isn’t in the distance, it’s everywhere.

In the southwest, Colorado included, has weather in the distance.I just realized it today while I was driving. The weather was off in the distance. It was a good drive. Of course, it took me further from the dotter, but that’s the way it has to be for now. 2013-08-08 16.54.24

I hit Gallup a bit early. Checked into the Hampton Inn after making reservations online, where it clearly says that Hampton Inn is a pet friendly hotel. Notably, several K9 police units were also checking in…..I considered it a sign. I found a great restaurant on Yelp…Cocina de Dominguez and enjoyed a margarita and a tamale. It was a small place, but friendly staff and delicious food. There’s a tribal ceremonial going on this weekend with parades and celebrations. Sadly, I’m just too tired.

After a shower, i received a call from the front desk….oops, they said. The website is wrong…Hampton Inn, at least in Gallup it isn’t. The police dogs count as service animals and thus by law, are allowed to stay. I was a little fried and feeling put out. Literally. Do you know how hard it is to find a pet friendly hotel room during the ceremonial? I called several places and thank goodness found a room at the Quality Inn. I love Hampton Inn. They have great rooms and great beds. Quality Inn is so so, but I can have the dogs. We’ll move on in the morning to visit my cousin and jewelry maker, MJ in Espanola.

Talked to Dear Hubby today about perhaps pushing through to get home to help take some of the pressure of the storm damage. We decided that it won’t do much to help and it’ll zonk me out. In the meantime, I’m settling back with the girls reaffirming our decision to get rid of traditional television. Terrible television….yikes! We’ll load up whenever we wake up and head towards Espanola. Now if I could get the dogs to settle down….yawn!