Working the Story: Wishing I Was Whedon

I’ve been working the story this week. I have the rough plot. I know the character arcs and the conflicts. The conversations are going on in various rooms in my head. I started the story, and while most of it is coming linearly, much of it is there in bits and pieces. This part of the story is more work than the first book, more crafting rather than coming in all at once. I’m comfortable with the process. It’s different this time. Don’t get me wrong, I reworked the first book, but not until the largest portion of the story was done. The second book is taking more finesse thus it’s taking longer to write than the first.

I’m feeling the pressure crafting a quality story. I love the first book. I’m satisfied with the final product. I feel myself tripping all over the place while I work this second novel. I’m second guessing things and moving things around. I’ve reworked the opening chapter for a third time. It’s good work and it feels more solid now than it did. It’s just a process, a new process. I find that I’m returning to stories I love. I’ve returned to Firefly. I adore Joss Whedon. I love his wit, his characters and how he crafts his story telling. I would love to write something of that quality. Now if I could only remember that I’m a good writer.