I Am A Writer. Let the Games Begin!

IMG_1923Yesterday, I was having doubts about writing. Not that I couldn’t write, not that I wasn’t walking my path, but struggling with the work of writing. It is work. Today, with characters shouting in my head, “Write this!” I put on my Domestic Yard Goddess diadem, sprayed on the sunscreen and jumped into my work overalls. Something interrupted that transformation. The hard copy proof

of my book arrived. I knew it was coming. I was just beginning to feel the flutters of anticipation. I’ve read this book hundred of times. I’ve had moments that I was a little tired of the book….though I always think, Wow, this is a good book. Now it’s in my hands. It’s a book with a velvety smooth cover, crisp creamy pages and words on the page. I know the book has been out electronically. I’ve had a lot of downloads, but somehow THIS is more concrete. I’m a bibliophile turned tech geek. The Beard calls them Luddites….I was one. I still have piles of books. I’ve come to see the light as far as the usefulness of the ebook. I love the convenience of having my library in the Cloud rather than weighing down my bags.

I’m staring at my book. I have to go work on our hail devastated yard. I’ve put it off for far too long, but my book. The book I’ve read hundreds of times invites me to sit with my coffee and pour through its pages. It stares back at me….literally, thanks to David Aimerito’s inspired cover. This is real. I am a writer. I’m a good writer. I write books.

Okay, today I’m a Domestic Yard Goddess, but tomorrow and the next day and from now on…..I’m a writer.