Blog Walkabout Book Tour 2013

Working Towards the Walkabout….

The days are speeding past. July 28th looms ahead. I’m not certain that the book tour will be a big seller, but it does get me out and about talking about my favorite book! Independent book sellers are inundated with requests to sell independent author’s books. I’m hoping to make some great contacts, meet some terrific people and either sell or give away a handful of books. The truth of the matter is that anyone can publish a book. Quality is not guaranteed. That being said, my book is a great read and each time I talk about the sequel I get the shivers about how good it’s turning out to be. I’ll post a bit later about the science, but stem cell research, genetic engineering, outsized egos and evolutionary forces that I don’t have to make up….buy the book!

Outfitting this excursion has been one of the constant To Do’s on my daily schedule. Acquiring the camper was the first hurdle….James L brilliantly took care of that and continues to clean, repair and refit the Little Flying Dutchman. I get a new phone call every couple of days with a report of something he thinks is not quite right. There are a lot of things that I will and do write about in my creative non-fiction that concerns my wacky, damaged and complex family, but one thing about my father….he’s methodical, mechanically talented and loves a project. He may not have read my book….that might change, but he’s 100% gung ho about my book tour. He’s thinking ahead about every little detail I might face. A trailer lock….I would never have thought about a trailer lock, but he did. In case you’re as unenlightened as I was, a trailer lock covers the hitch so someone can’t drive away with your trailer….who knew?

That camper will be showroom ready when I go to pick it up. Hubby ordered the hitch and electrical wiring harness….sad that my little Liberty didn’t come with a tow package. I never gave it a second thought. I used to have a Ford Excursion Diesel…..the largest passenger vehicle on the road. I LOVED it. It was great when the kids were younger and I was hauling 8 kids someplace or another. That Excursion went on several road trips…it could pull anything, but we down sized and it out grew us. So many small details to get lined up….yikes!

The route is planned out. First, we’re heading north to Riverton, Wy, where I’ll stay at the Wind River campground. I’m anticipating that leg of the trip because Joe Pepper, the owner and operator of Wind River answers the phone himself and refused to take a deposit because I’m on a book tour. He had an author come through there 10 years ago, but it seems his book wasn’t very interesting. Without even knowing one of my main characters is an ex-NSA agent, Mr. Pepper teased me with the idea that he might be an ex NSA agent, but…and I quote, “Now, I can’t really tell you that, now can I?” He promised to sit down with me and my book over a cup of coffee. I’m tempted to stay more than one night just to pick his brain. I promised him that he’s  a character in one of the next two books! He didn’t think he’d be very interesting. Is he kidding? Think about it….ex-NSA agent on the down low, running a campground in Wyoming? I could’ve made that up, but how delightful that I didn’t have to! I took it as a sign that the Walkabout is exactly the right choice. I’m gleeful after my 30 minute conversation with him.

The Liberty is scheduled for maintenance and a new tire next week. The hitch should be on the Liberty this weekend, ahem…..Hubby? The book cover is thisclose to being ready for the printer and books should be here in the next couple of weeks. I have to give a shout out to my brilliant cover artist, David Aimerito. Thank the heavens that David is my cousin…..I wish fervently that he were my brother, but he already has four sisters….Aimerito Clan I LOVE YOU! I’ve showed the cover to three friends and a publishing agent to the same reaction…..”Ooh, I’ve got goosebumps.” Next year, after you’re all hooked on my books, I’ll be able to pay him! Note that the book cover jump started the plot for the second book, The Esau Convergence. THAT’S how fabulous David is. The Beard is a little nervous about the deadlines, but I am giddy with how RIGHT this all feels….it’ll all work out. Now if I could just get some of my To Do’s done! Website, printer, car decal, outfitting the camper, last minute edits, making sure the boys won’t eat each other while I’m gone and perhaps one good night’s sleep or even a nap…, work, work. I love my job!