Blog Walkabout Book Tour 2013

And For Your Reading Pleasure……Day Six part Deux

2013-08-01 17.18.46We took off from Emerald Forest because the WiFi was in and out with zero cell service. In the hope of finding some place with WiFi. We drove into Arcata…found a fabulous bagel joint…Los Bagels, but no WiFi. Anywhere. I did notice that the hippy, wellness center next to the campground was called Walkabout Joy….coincidence? Hmmmm…..Without the benefit of cell service or Internet, we knew to head south on the 101 at least until Geyserville. Dear Hubby didn’t program the Garmin with Will and Wendy’s address. I didn’t think to check it or get the address to put somewhere accessible. I programed the Garmin for the Calistoga Inn and headed that way.

No place in Arcata offered WiFi and everywhere we went there seemed to be an anti cell phone attitude. We did find a great second hand shop….as I was having wardrobe crisis after six days on the road, it seemed serendipitous. Hey Beard, it was second hand and I was in crisis. It’s the third time I’ve experienced this kind of crisis in this same pair of jeans….I think it’s time they went.

I popped into the book store in Arcata, conveniently near the vintage shop, but it didn’t have a very welcoming vibe. No greeting, no hello…not even an opening for casual conversation. I strolled in and strolled out. The lovely clerk at the vintage shop was interested in the book and the bagel shop folks were interested in the book. I was able to chat it up and hand out a few giveaway cards.

The drive south was more amazing scenery, but damn if we could find either a cell signal or WiFi! Of all the times I wanted a friggin’ Starbucks or even a McD’s with WiFi! Do you think in this country where you can’t spit without hitting a Starbucks or McD’s we could find one? Nada, Non, Zilch. Now for all of that, I drove through Mendocino County without any signal, but then in some little town within a two block span, I received every email, every Facebook message and my text messages….my phone went off like a slot machine. The minute I tried to reach out…poof. I lost it. 2013-08-01 17.32.24

In that brief moment, I was able to do two things…I texted Wendy with an update and found her address. I programmed the Garmin and moved southward with more confidence. Today I drove without any music. I worked on story plots recording my thinking into my new voice app that the niece found for me. I’ve worked chapter one of The Esau Convergence. I’ve named two different characters in the murder mystery and added a character to Sebastian’s round up. It’s been good thinking work….

IMG_1742Passing through wine country is a joy. It’s hot, but it’s phenomenal. Also, I passed the Parducci Vineyard without bowing to temptation….had to get to Will and Wendy’s! We wound our way through Knights Valley and arrived at our destination. As usual and with much humor and joy, Wendy and Will welcomed us with wine and food. We’ve eaten a lovely meal that didn’t come in a diner. We’ve laughed, philosophized and now getting ready to kick back by a fire.

I’m sleeping in the camper with the dogs….the girls are sleeping inside in a bed. Laundry is going and a warm shower awaits in the morning. Ahhhhh……