Blog Walkabout Book Tour 2013

Warning: V Word Ahead…..

2013-08-01 20.03.08The weather on this trip has been remarkably kind. Unfortunately, we were packing for this trip in 90 degree weather. I advised the niece (from SoCal) to pack light with a couple of layers in case of cooler weather. Hah! Those fans that hubby and I made certain to pack….haven’t needed them. The extra blankets that I threw in on a whim, yeah…needed a couple of extra even with the dogs sharing the beds. I’m sitting here shivering as I type…brrrrrrrr.

No arguing that it’s stunning….truly gorgeous. I would just like to have an extra layer…or two. Niece was brave enough to take a shower. I’m going to stay a little ripe today in the hopes that my dear friends, Will and Wendy, won’t mind. We’re headed down the 101 towards Calistoga today. I venture to guess we’ll stop and let the girls (dog girls) check out the sea. The addition, next year, of either a Class C motorhome or my dream Airstream trailer will make another book tour heavenly. This trip has been wonderful….see how a little sleep can change your perspective?

2013-08-01 20.03.13I was able to connect with our neighbor….Charles Edwards. Charles runs Stroop Effect Studios. An advertising agency that he manages from his RV. He and his wife live full time in their remodeled RV. As Charles put it, his wife got rid of all of that RV crap and made it a home and office. I tell you I’ve met the most interesting people on this trip! It’s a shame that we’ve only been staying one night in each of our destinations.

Oh cripes, this squirrel has buddies and they’re double teaming the dogs. Well, at least they’ve stopped shivering. So my third part post: I’ve been musing on it for three days now. Going back to Craters of the Moon on day….shite, I don’t know….the girls (human) and I were climbing up that mountain of ash. As we were coming down, I passed a twenty something woman in motorcycle gear. I wanted to say hi, introduce myself because she seemed like the kind of gal I would like. Hell, she’s the kind of gal I wanted to be at her age….of course, at her age I had at least two babies. She was into her music and feeling the zen of the hill, the geography and the moment. She nodded to me. I nodded back and kept on walking.

At the bottom of the hill, I saw her bike. An older model, 1100cc Harley with her gear packed on the back. She was traveling alone.  This intrigued me because of the surprise and concern I’ve experienced when I explain that, “Yes, I’m traveling without Hubby. Yes, after L.A. I’ll be traveling alone.” As though the absence of a penis automatically puts me in danger. I love my hubby more than I can say. I respect him, admire his genius and frankly, would struggle to get through some days without his unfailing and unflappable support. He’s the balance to my crazy, but between the two of us….I’m much more dangerous. I’m the threat precisely because he’s even keeled and even sanguine. I’m the blood thirsty Aztec/Apache and frequently my mere presence is intimidating to people.

I would love it if our schedule had worked out for Hubby to fly into L.A. to travel home with me. Do I need him to travel with me? Nope. This woman on the trail….kudos to her for taking off on her own walkabout and being alone. I celebrate her joy! That night, I had a dream that I was part of a band of merry vagabonds and two of our band ticked off some spell caster. This magician threw a spell that turned their penises into vaginas. There were bountiful jokes from our crew and the dream continued….I feel a short story coming on. Clearly, my psyche was working out this concept…vagina = vulnerability. Hello? Have you had a baby?

I hate it when I heard my kids or my students say things like, “Don’t be a pussy.” Or “Don’t be such a girl.” Many a student of mine will tell you that I go on a rampage….vaginas are immutable, dynamic and remarkably resilient! It really should be something like, “Don’t be such a boy.” Have you seen a grown man with a cold? Please….eye roll. I might not have equal physical strength, but I have less mercy in me than Darling Hubby.

Okay, I’m finishing this post in Arcata, Cali at a fabulous bagel joint called Los Bagels. I’m caffeinated, I’ve partaken of a fabulous chorizo scramble bagel and I STILL don’t have Wifi. On a much lighter, less political/cultural note….I’m happy to be back in the land of the foodie. Diner food is terrific, but oh my….I like me some light, healthy, fresh food!