Blog Walkabout Book Tour 2013

On The Road….

Departure day….this week has been a bit crazy. If you’ve been following me on Facebook at jclynnenow, you know we’ve spent over two weeks going back and forth with the printer over paperwork. Our bad….who knew that book printers work at exactly the same speed and alacrity as the government when it comes to efficiency. Twenty-two emails and five faxes later, our paperwork is in, considered complete and NOW we can process our first print run. Sadly, I will be leaving on a book tour without any books.

Creativity will have to suffice. I can think on my feet. We’ll see how this part of the tour plays out. In any case, I’ve refused to give in to panic, hurry or worry. I deliberately slowed down yesterday and given the timing of my post, you’ll see I slept in, had my coffee and did some packing before rolling out at the early hour of ten a.m.

The house is moderately clean. I’ve threatened bodily harm if there are three weeks of dirty dishes in the sink when I get home. I’m about to send off the last minute details to darling hubby so that teenage boys and baby boy puppy will be manageable while I’m away. The excitement of this trip is tempered a bit by the idea of leaving these guys alone for three weeks. Past experience proves that it’ll fly by in a blink, but departures are always bittersweet me thinks.

2013-07-25 19.44.06My road crew is a bit camera shy, so look forward to many photos of the backs of their hands….no pictures please. Dotter is driving her car, I’m driving the Jeep and pulling the trailer. I’ve planned no more than six hours of driving a day to allow for pit stops and casual evenings for a bit of writing.

The dogs were moping all week….they’ve seen enough packing to think they were headed for the kennel. Oona, our alpha, followed me everywhere and spent her time leaning against me. This morning darling hubby put on their new collars to ease the sad hat looks we were getting. Chaos ensued. Now that they know we’re packing them too it’s nothing but zoomies and happy dances.

I’m off to put the last few things in the Jeep. I’ll make a call to my mother, eye roll, to assure her I’m armed and dangerous. Keep an eye on the blog and my Facebook page for what’s sure to be an adventure.

Also….keep an eye out for the transition to the new Dear hubby is working on moving content, getting things arranged and keeping up with me. Bon Voyage folks, here……we…..go!