The Opposite of “What Are You Going To Do All Day?” Or Get A Life

There are days when you find an answer to a question you didn’t know you asked. Yesterday, an acquaintance of mine asked me if I missed teaching. I promptly and easily said no. In fact, I think my answer sounded a bit like this: The Hills Are Alive. No kidding….I may have even added the arms open spin. Last week, I subbed half a day at my previous school. I enjoyed it. It was good to see some of my prior students, but there wasn’t a pang of regret. No nostalgia. Particularly when I ran into former colleagues and they asked, tinged with disdain? Envy? Wistfulness?…”How’s it going?” You could feel the fervent wish that your answer would be something along the lines of “Oh….things are fine (sniff with regret) I sure do miss it.” Faces fell or went stony when I whipped my proof copy out and said, “Magnificent. I love it! Oh, here’s my book.” BAM!

Teaching is a noble profession. Just like air traffic control is a noble profession (Please erase Pushing Tin from your memory.) These folks (used to include me) work harder than anyone can imagine in different ways. It’s not what I do any longer. That’s okay….I’m fine with it. I’m thrilled with my decision, hence my Sound of Music moment. This blog post I stumbled upon today fit my mood, especially number three.


I’m embracing the ruckus….